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Illumination Systems for Rescue Services

Over fifteen years Setolite Lichttechnik GmbH is a successful participant in the market of mobile lighting equipment. During this period we managed to extend our customer base constantly by offering durable, technical and mechanical immaculate products for various applications of rescue services. Professional workmen of all industry sectors as well as universally known institutions like DRK, THW (german rescue services) and the police or fire brigades trust in Setolite´s products. Even the german Bundeswehr and other european armies are loyal costumers. Here you get a small overview about illumination systems which are absolutely necessary for the mentioned range of use.

tent illumination (different systems and applications)


Zeltbeleuchtung Zeltbeleuchtung

Explosion-proof lamps


Seto EX Helmleuchte HL800FB Akku mica ML-800

workplace illumination and tactical lights


Hand lamps and floodlights for inspections and searchings (also explosion-proof)

mica Xenon Eurolite 2 mica IL80

Mast - systems for illumination of wider spaces


Mastsystem Mastsystem

Head- and helmet lamps (also explosion proof)


Helmleuchte mica Helmleuchte HL800FB Akku Helmleuchte Headire Revolution